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Clayton Block Inc. 

Client: Clayton Block Company

Project Location: Tinton Falls, NJ


  • Conducted source and ambient sound level measurements

  • Performed acoustic modeling of source emissions into the community 

  • Designed acoustical barriers and other mitigation strategies to demonstrate prospective regulatory compliance (using CadnaA)

  • Provided expert testimony at Planning Board hearing

Developed an acoustical model using CadnaA modeling software to determine prospective sound emission levels in the community from stationary and mobile sources at the facility. Recommended design changes of the facility and developed mitigation strategies to ensure the facility would be compliant with state and local regulation once it was built and operational.

Toyota Motors
Blue Springs, MS

An acoustical impact analysis was performed of rail operations at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc., Blue Springs, MS. The objective of the study was to evaluate to what extent, if any, there was an acoustical impact from the 24-hour rail operations on the closest residential properties.


Site observations and sound level measurements were conducted over a 3 days period at the rail yard and in the adjacent residential neighborhood. Operations at a number of locations on the facility's property were evaluated. Sound level measurements were conducted for approximately 60 hours, representing periods of time when site activity ranged from no operations to intensive operations at the rail yard.


The data was collected at conservative locations (closer to the rail yard than are the residences), and conservative assumptions were used in the analysis (windows open and "warm weather" construction).  The results were evaluated relative to a number of guidelines, none of which have the power of law for this facility.

Dealership - Car Wash 

Client: Serra Automotive

Project Location: Garfield Township, MI

The client was constructing a dealership and desired to include a car wash onsite. TNC conducted an acoustical study and filed a report in support of that application. The analysis included ambient sound level measurements at the properties adjacent to the proposed facility, as well as source measurements at another car wash with the same specifications as the proposed facility.


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