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Code & Ordinance Development

City of Union Ohio

The City of Union Ohio is an ideal location for a major distribution center with immediate access to I-70, I-75 and Dayton International Airport. That's why Proctor and Gamble chose it for a 1.8mm sq ft facility. While growth can bring jobs, it can also bring noise. The City chose to proactively engage TNC to develop an objective, enforceable code to protect its residents and provide guidance to its business community. We visited the city, conducted sound measurements, and met with all stakeholders to understand their needs so they would be reflected in the drafting of the code. TNC then attended then City Council meetings until the code was successfully adopted. After adoption of the code, Mr. Zwerling returned in his capacity as Director of the Rutgers University Noise Technical Assistance Center, trained Union's enforcement officers, and representatives of the business community also attended, so they're all on the same page now.

City of Norwalk CT

The City of Norwalk had a Noise Control Ordinance, but it didn't address a number of pressing issues, including how to regulate sound from nightlife activities and construction with reasonable and objective standards that could be applied by enforcement investigators and self-policed by facilities. Mr. Zwerling conducted several public stakeholder meetings to get input from all interested parties as well as with the Noise Ordinance Committee of the Norwalk City Council. Sound level measurements were conducted throughout Norwalk, and on two separate weekend nights in the entertainment district. These studies informed the development of fully customized limits in the district. Working closely with the Assistant Corporation Counsel, a new Noise Ordinance was developed and submitted to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as required. A lengthy response to DEEP's comments was provided and the Ordinance was granted final approval. Mr. Zwerling returned in his capacity as Director of the Rutgers University Noise Technical Assistance Center to train investigators of the Norwalk Police Department in enforcement of the new Ordinance.

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