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Landfills/Trash Transfer Stations

Gaeta Recycling
Paterson, NJ

Gaeta Recycling is a long-term client of TNC for whom we have conducted a number of studies (e.g., expanded hours permit, expansion permit, regulatory compliance analyses, etc.).


We have extensive experience applying the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's "Technical Manual for Solid Waste Transfer Station/Material Recovery Facility Permits and Approvals" (Bureau of Hazardous Waste and Transfer Facilities, Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste). There are unique protocols which must be adhere to for permit approval to be granted. We get it right, the first time, saving the client time and money.

Sullivan County (NY) Landfill

Client: Mountain Lodge Estates

Project location: Monticello (Sullivan County), NY


  • Represented residential community in administrative law hearing 

  • Refuted findings of Applicant

  • Application denied based on efforts of TNC

The County submitted an application to expand the landfill, and a residents' group hired TNC to support their opposition. TNC's forensic analysis of the applicant's acoustical modeling (CadnaA) proved pivotal. In order to evaluate their modeling inputs and assumptions we conducted sound studies of comparable sources at another landfill and on-site ambient sound levels and found significant errors with which to refute their findings. The case was heard before an Administrative Law Judge of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC). The application was rejected as it was demonstrated the expansion would not be compliant with NYDEC rules regarding noise.

Doremus Avenue Recycling & Transfer, L.L.C.
Newark, NJ

The Doremus Avenue Recycling & Transfer (DART) facility was permitted at 2000 tons per day (TPD). They were filing a permit amendment application to average that capacity over the duration of a week, resulting in a capacity limit of 14,000 tons per week (TPW). The peak volume to be accepted in a given day could then be 2,650 tons. TNC conducted a study, consistent with the requirements of the DEP's "Technical Manual" which demonstrated that sound emissions from the increased acceptance rate would comply with the permissible limits of the New Jersey Noise Code at N.J.A.C. 7:29.  The permit to operate was approved.

United Scrap Iron and Metal
Passaic, NJ

United Scrap's appearance before the Passaic Board of Adjustment was a marathon, supported by TNC. We conducted sound studies, constructed acoustical models, evaluated and provided input on remediation measures and provided several nights of testimony. 


In the end, the facility's owner emailed this comment:

"Eric last night was my final meeting in front of the Board of Adjustment in Passaic and we won. Your work and testimony proved that you are the top in your field and your work was greatly appreciated. It’s been a seven year battle for me and I just wanted to thank you for your part in our victory."

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