Precise, certified measurements
Designed to answer any question
Extensive technical capabilities
Long-term weather-proof monitoring

The hallmark of our sound studies is verifiable precision. Legally valid sound level measurements are critical to almost any code compliance endeavor. Our sound studies employ equipment and methods that meet or exceed the most stringent of requirements, and we document every step.

Our sound studies are customized to your site and your specific requirements. Whether you need to know if your facility is in compliance, or whether the facility next door can be proven to be a nuisance, we can conduct the study. If you need to determine whether your proposed regulation is or is not overly restrictive, or whether it is or is not restrictive enough, we can resolve the issue authoritatively. Our recent federal court victory proves that point.

We are fully equipped for surveillance, for even the most wary of sources. As an integrated suite, we can measure the sound levels, record the sounds and videotape the entire event, for later reproduction in any appropriate venue.

We can conduct long-term outdoor precision monitoring. We have two weather-proof sound monitoring stations which can take continuous measurements for up to a week before requiring service. The data can be downloaded in the field to our ruggedized laptop, or back at the office for extensive analysis. This is particularly useful for impact analyses.

A partial listing of our available equipment includes:
     precision integrating/logging sound level meters
          downloaded in the field to a ruggedized laptop computer
     precision octave band analyzer
     real-time frequency analyzer
     weather-proof monitoring stations
     digital audio tape recorder, stereo digital microphone
          (with Bose speakers for audio demonstrations)
     video camera with night vision
     laser range finder

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