Pre- or post-construction
Authoritative code compliance determination
HUD compliance analyses
Acoustical modeling

Planning and zoning boards are awakening to the fact that noise is a quality of life issue, and they often require an analysis of the impact of  a proposed facility on neighboring residential properties. Whether you are contemplating new construction or a modification of an existing facility, we can construct an acoustical model and perform a regulatory compliance analysis that will assist you in determining whether your current design will meet the applicable noise ordinance, or whether it is likely to annoy nearby residents. We will prepare a comprehensive written report supported by testimony before the appropriate board. If our acoustical model demonstrates that there will be a problem with the proposed configuration of the facility, we can help your engineers correct any deficiencies in the plan before the first earthmover is on site.

We can conduct sound surveys for Environmental Impact Statements, to fulfill permitting requirements, or to respond to neighbor complaints. We interpret the applicable local noise ordinance and determine unequivocally whether you are or are not in compliance with that ordinance.

Housing projects which seek federal funding must conduct a Noise Assessment pursuant to the protocols of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. We have conducted numerous HUD compliance analyses, and have developed relationships with several state DOTs, so we can access traffic data efficiently.

We have two weatherproof sound monitoring stations which can take continuous measurements for up to a week before requiring servicing. The data can be downloaded in the field to our ruggedized laptop, or back at the office for extensive analysis. These analyses can document pre-construction ambient conditions, or to evaluate the emissions of an operating facility.

Some facilities must seek permits before they may operate, or modify their facilities. One of our areas of expertise is permit applications for municipal solid waste transfer stations.

Our acoustical modeling reports are very comprehensive and document the entire model including: all input data, calculations and assumptions. Reviewing agencies prefer this open approach, as opposed to some other firms that utilize a "black box" approach, providing none of their model except for the results.