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The President of The Noise Consultancy has reviewed hundreds of municipal noise ordinances and helped amend or draft numerous codes ranging from Anchorage to Gainesville, and Seattle to Lafayette (LA). He has assisted in the amendment of the New Jersey Noise Code (N.J.A.C. 7:29), and was the lead author of 'Local Noise Enforcement Options and Model Noise Ordinance With Pre-Approved Language for the State of New Jersey' . The code he helped the city of Long Beach (NY) draft, has withstood challenges in New York State and Federal courts, finally resolving a long-standing noise problem for the city.

Importantly, we've not done this from an Ivory Tower confine - we've spent hundreds of hours in the field with enforcement officers. We know that what looks good on paper or in an acoustics textbook may not necessarily be enforceable in the field. If the code is overly complex and demanding, the entire enforcement program will be hamstrung at best and still-born at worst. Investigations will be rare and only in response to egregious repeat violations, and the code's complexity may require that investigations have to be conducted by outside consultants. The codes we draft are designed to be enforceable by any motivated and trained enforcement officer.

In order for any enforcement program to be effective in regulating noise sources, enforcement actions must be regular and reliable. And that means it must be enforceable by any officer who has received the proper training. Only then will the regulated community respect the jurisdiction's commitment to noise abatement and make the effort to come into compliance. In fact, a credible enforcement program will often result in the regulated community self-policing to avoid enforcement, thus dramatically extending the impact and efficacy of the program. If the code is relatively simple, facilities can easily monitor their own compliance, and make adjustments as necessary.

We offer a full range of ordinance development services ranging from a simple review of your existing ordinance to drafting an entirely new one. It is important to us that your  ordinance is drafted to address the specific needs of your jurisdiction. We offer on-site ordinance development seminars. We can come to your jurisdiction, present a short educational session on the basics of sound as it applies to noise regulation including  some theoretical and practical approaches to noise codes, and then discuss your specific requirements with all interested parties. We can go in the field and visit specific problem areas, or conduct measurements or demonstrations. It is then up to you whether you want your staff to draft the ordinance with our guidance, or have us draft it for your approval.

There are few sources of noise that generate more complaints than 'boom cars,' and to a lesser extent, 'boom boxes'. We offer the following Code Drafting Tip to address this issue.

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