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We are the noise enforcement and code compliance experts,
offering a full range of noise-related services.

We can assist you in developing a comprehensive noise enforcement program. We have extensive experience to help you draft or amend a noise ordinance that is simple, effective, and enforceable. We offer on-site ordinance development workshops, and are affiliated with a certification program to train your enforcement officers.
We can assist with most difficult regulatory issues, conducting expert sound studies and demonstrations on-site. Our expert reports and testimony are comprehensive, and successful, as exemplified in a case heard in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, as the experts for the City of New York Law Department [99 Civ. 3381 (SAS)].
We serve as the municipal acoustical experts for several towns, reviewing plans submitted to planning and zoning boards. When an applicant submits an acoustical study in support of a project, it is important that it is reviewed by a firm that knows the technical requirements for both a Regulatory Compliance Analysis and for an Environmental Impact Statement, and the difference between the two. The reviewer must also know how to critically evaluate an acoustical model.
Whatever your code compliance issue, we can help you. We conduct code compliance sound studies to determine whether your facility meets the applicable noise codes of your jurisdiction, and we document our findings with meticulous attention to detail. We can also determine whether a proposed facility or modification will meet code requirements. Our extensive acoustical modeling capabilities can assist you in the design of your facility, and these models are very helpful in the permitting process.  Permit applications and Impact Statements are another specialty of The Noise Consultancy. We support all of this with expert witness testimony in the appropriate venue. If the project will not have adverse impact on adjacent residents, we can often allay their concerns.
We also offer Hearing Conservation Program services.

Residents - Protect Your Private Property

If you live near a facility that is disrupting the peaceable enjoyment of your private property, we may be able to help. A sound study may document that a facility is not complying with the sound level limits of the applicable noise code. If your jurisdiction has a subjective nuisance code, our sound study may prove the objective presence of a subjective nuisance. Our sophisticated audio and video reproduction capabilities allow us to bring the nuisance into court, which is very convincing.

If you live near a proposed facility, we will be able to determine whether it is likely to have a significant impact on you and your neighbors. If our analysis determines that the impact will be unacceptable, we may be able to intervene at the planning stage and successfully block the development. If we find that your concerns are not borne out by our analysis, we will inform you of that finding. We can also offer testimony on the human health impacts of noise exposure.

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