Eric Zwerling, TNC President, has qualified as an expert witness in a number of different venues: Federal Court, local courts, Planning and Zoning Boards, and a Board of Condemnation Appraisers. His range of expertise includes noise ordinances and their enforcement, facility compliance determination, human health and quality of life impacts of noise sources, and reductions in the usability and value of property due to a noise source.
Stephen Szulecki, TNC Vice President, has qualified as an expert witness in a numerous venues including local courts and Planning and Zoning Boards. He excels at explaining the results of his acoustical modeling, and his professorial manner is highly informative and engaging which serves the client very well.

We can design sound studies to address almost any evidentiary need, and present the findings in a concise, understandable and convincing manner. We are equipped to measure, record and reproduce almost any sound precisely in any venue. This approach is so convincing that a Board of Condemnation Appraisers awarded a client damages of $2,000/acre for 360 impacted acres.