Peaceable Enjoyment of Your Private Property

Home: a refuge, a retreat to which you withdraw to contemplate, recreate and restore. Ideally, it is a created and controlled environment meeting the personalized needs of the people who carefully maintain it, pay taxes on it, and in which they have invested substantial amounts of money and self. Intrusive noise can deprive residents of all of this, acoustically fouling the nest and destroying the peaceable enjoyment of their private property. Worse yet, there can be demonstrable physiological and psychological impacts from noise exposure, especially if it results in sleep disturbance.

Work: a place to creatively and efficiently focus on tasks, so as insure their completion and derive a livelihood there from. Clarity of communication and concentration can be of paramount importance. Disruptive noise can render a workplace unusable for the intended purpose, leading to painful economic consequences.

Community: ideally an extension of home, inviting for recreation and congregation. Unwanted, unanticipated and inharmonious sound can so despoil a community soundscape that it disfigures an otherwise attractive landscape.

Are you are impacted by an unregulated commercial/industrial facility?  We can help bring them into compliance or build a nuisance suit against them. We document the sound levels with certified measurements. Our data and our experience will help you determine if you have a case. If the data supports it, a regulatory compliance analysis will prove a violation of the applicable ordinance. If there is no ordinance we can objectively prove the presence of a subjective nuisance by comparing the measured levels to well referenced standards of speech disruption, sleep interference, and other endpoints of annoyance.

Are you concerned about a proposed development? Most projects must undergo a review process before they can proceed. Whether it is before a zoning or planning board, the applicant may have to file an acoustical analysis ranging up to a full Impact Statement, especially if the project is large and the applicant is seeking variances. It is absolutely essential to conduct a critical review of a proposed project as early as possible. The noise analysis component of these applications is sometimes seriously flawed. We can conduct a thorough and meticulous critical analysis of the application. If we determine, and can prove that the acoustical impact will be significant, the applicant may be required to redesign the project or the application may even be rejected. We've been quite successful in opposing the development of inappropriate projects in close proximity to residential properties through the use of carefully documented acoustical studies.

We can record any sound and reproduce it precisely in any venue, at the sound level that we model will occur at the point of impact. This is remarkably convincing. A Planning Board that hears race cars at 75 dBA immediately grasps the gravity of the proposed development.

We may be able to help you if the noise ordinance in your jurisdiction has unreasonably high sound level limits. Recently, we have reviewed some ordinances that have night time limits of 65-80 dBA which will result in the certain disruption of sleep.

(The image above shows a 24-hour car wash with multiple coin-operated vacuums, including two that are 10 feet from a residence. This is for illustration purposes only, we know of no complaints filed against this facility.)

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