The Noise Consultancy In The News
The Noise Consultancy, LLC, and its president, Eric Zwerling, occassionally receive press coverage in our ongoing efforts to assist jurisdictions in bringing a better quality of life to their residents. Herewith are links to some of that press coverage:

Lo-Conn hearing ends on sound note
     follow up
     court decision

Decatur considers noise code changes

Decatur City Council should pass proposed noise law

The Sound and the Infuriated

Local governments set noise level limits

Community Tired of Loud Car Stereos Is Targeting Retailers

The Citizens Noise Advisory Group and Albuquerque, New Mexico's New Noise Code

TC looks at tighter ordinance on noise

Shhhhhh.....Americans are making a lot of noise about noise, and trucks are on the top of their hit list

Boom Time on Highways Rattles Drivers

Living with noise: planning land use with highway traffic noise in mind can help local agencies improve residents' quality of life

Give us gifts that can't be wrapped

Shh! It's the Noise Patrol

The time to control noise is when you can still hear it

Noise is all around

Ice cream, they scream, is too noisy